Pringle Bay Goodness – Ingrid Irma Jones

Pringle Bay Goodness – Ingrid Irma Jones

(as copied from Facebook)

I’m a permanent resident of Pringle Bay. Lockdown has shown me that I literally don’t have to go anywhere to find whatever is needed from shops, etc. From ordering in to getting an ice cream delivered to my house and not a drop has been wasted … we have it all here.

With this in mind I have decided to round up all the good stuff we have here and showcase it to both residents and visitors to our beautiful village as well.

Our local liquor store is a treasure trove of some of the best wines and spirits in the area. Whenever I need a special wine or suggestions Carina and Elmarie are always on hand with good tips and advice. If they don’t have what I’m looking for, they will order and stock it. How’s that for excellent service.

Just to be clear. My round ups are unsolicited. It’s based on the good service I have always received from featured places. I’m just a good villager, that’s all.

It’s festive season time and revellers will be stocking up their wine collections/cupboards. Our liquor store has an impressive gin collection and a great selection of wines from the area as well.

Here’s what I found – pink wine is trending and they have a huuuuuuge selection.

Bubbly is my fav and they have it all.